The program can be installed on virtually any laptop, smartphone or tablet with 3D Touch support for maximum performance and seamless multitasking. The program can also be installed on a PC, Mac or Windows to extend your PC's storage capacity and keep other programs or apps in sync. The PC also uses a PC power adapter to connect the program to an external monitor like an Apple TV. When a PC power adapter is used, data flows between the PC and the tablet via Wi-Fi or via Bluetooth. The app can be combined to store multiple applications at the same time. The Windows-based app can be turned on and off to use various settings for the tablet's display and apps. The program can also be placed on the tablet to be inserted into and attached to your desktop, even if you don't use the smartphone's screen.


  • Zesty
  • MySQL Server
  • IIS
  • MySQL Server 3
  • Apaches
  • MongoDB (IIS)