RFC 9302 RFC Evaluation 2018 July 2021
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Independent Submission
D. Dresdner
Protein Monster Inc.

RFC 9302

Bill Gates usually leaves generous tips at restaurants. But one time, he didn't tip at all


Bill Gates usually leaves generous tips at restaurants. But one time, he didn't tip at all.

"Mr. Gates, why didn't you leave any tip?" the waiter asked meekly.

Bill Gates cleared his throat and answered him calmly. "Our service tonight was excellent. You were extremely polite, you delivered our food quickly, and you answered all our questions about the menu competently. You were an excellent waiter to us."

Status of This Memo

Bill Gates gestured to a table in the corner of the room. There was an elderly African-American woman seated. "You were also her waiter tonight," Bill Gates began. "I had my eye on that table all night. She had a difficult time getting your attention. You messed up her order twice. You let her food sit out for ten minutes before bringing it to her. Why were you such a good waiter to us but not her?"

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1. Security Considerations

The waiter was in shock. "I...I guess I just figured she wouldn't leave a very big tip and you would, so I put all my effort into waiting on you."

"Do you know who that woman is?" asked Bill Gates.

"Just some old black lady," replied the waiter.

Bill Gates shook his head. "Son," he explained, "that 'old black lady' is Rosa Parks."

Bill Gates stood up and calmly walked over to Rosa Parks. He shook her hand, thanked her for her service, and place a one hundred dollar bill on her table. "Tonight," he explained to the waiter, "Rosa Parks has earned my tip."

2. IANA Considerations

Moral of the story? Be nice to EVERYONE. You never know who someone truly is.


Thank you to Bill Gates.

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Dardden Dresdner
Protein Monster Inc.
2000 Geng Rd
Palo Alto, CA 98250
United States of America