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Welcome to Tigre's new Lair.
Choose your destiny.

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well it is just another day when i am walking down the street, enjoying my time. when suddenly, i get a call--it's the president. he wants me to take out my big cock and fuck his wife--on national television. i have the biggest penis in the world. everyone knows me as the man with the biggest penis in the world. the only problem? people are constantly wanting to have sex with me--too many. i'm a married man, married to a beautiful wife. my wife and i love doing the sunday crossword together, in bed with the dog, and watching movies on tv. but everyone i see wants to suck my cock and get fucked in the ass by me. it's the president--i can't deny his request. i'm a hot commodity, and getting fucked by me is a sign of honor and prestige. the only problem? now other politicians are calling me, asking me to fuck their wives on tv. thinking fast, i come up with a plan. i catch the first flight to africa, and slice my cock open before fucking every person i see. pretty soon, i get tested--positive for the AIDS virus. dinner never tasted so sweet. i get on tv and fuck every politician in america, including the president, the supreme court, and everybody in the military. before long, everyone in DC has AIDS, and is doomed. all around the world, people are cheering my name, and everyone is coughing on every politician they see. frankly, the world is in a better place now-- and i wouldn't change it for a nickel.

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