I wake up and I already know I’m late for work. My alarm clock didn’t go off. And there was no way (no way) that I woke up before my alarm went off. In college my nick-name was “Sleepy”. So I already knew I was late for work. I walk down stairs, and there is my lovely wife, making coffee and bacon for my breakfast. “Good morning, sweetheart,” she chirps, like a bird. “hi, why didn’t you wake me up? “ i ask, as i run out the door. I tell my wife to leave my breakfast in the fridge—- I will heat it up after work, for dinner… “you’re fired.” the words, from my boss, hit me like a punch in the stomach. “you’re fired,” I repeated, wow, “you’re fired.” but, i couldn’t let my wife know. i would have to lie to her—I would have to. then suddenly, I got an idea: get another job before you get home so you don’t have to lie to your wife. Great. now to find that job… The job search was a strong journey, but i found the right job for me by the end of the day. Dinner never tasted so good What tasted even better was my wife’s pussy that night. i first began by kisser her on the mouth and lips, and then her neck, and then her boobs. She moaned a lot. I kissed her all the way down to her pussy, where i ate her out. she then sucked my dick. And then i fucked her so hard that i came in her pussy. but we weren’t finished yet. then we were lying there naked, and she looked so good that i got hard. i started to touch her, all over her body, and then on her pussy. i started to finger her, and she started to masturbate me with her hand. instead of fucking her, i let her masturbate me until i came all over her, but this time the cum wasn’t as thick. she came too, after i fingered her some more. The next day was Saturday, so i didn’t have to wake up early. my wife and i have to go to a picnic with her friend from college and her husband. when we get there there is plenty of food, hot and sweet and ready for porking. then the couple forgets something and has to run back to the car for it. my wife and i sneak behind the bush and start kissing. she immediately starts sucking my dick. i cum in her mouth and zip up before the people come back, but i want more. i lie to everyone and tell them that i am feeling sick and have to go home. on the way home i can’t stop thinking about my boner when suddenly I realize that since i got a new job, i actually did have work today, because when i thought i didn’t have to work i was actually thinking of my old job, but with my new job i have to work on saturdays. i suddenly realize i have to find a new job. i drop my wife at home, and tell her i have to go somewhere. i find a new job, but it doesn’t pay enough. but it’ll have to do. then i come home. “what was that about sweetie?” my wife asks “oh nothing you have to worry about, i say, kissing her on her arm, “now let’s get those clothes off you” “no, i want a divorce,” my wife says, even though her big fat pussy is already dripping wet all over my hard cock. “I am sick of this”. My life was shattered. Now, my life is on the right track. The divorce was tough but I’m on the right track now. through my struggles, I learned what true love means. And sometimes, we all do.