I was born in Houston Texas. Moved around so many times i really dont know were im "from". Im creating this site to share to the world "ME". I now live in Houston. Right now im currently in the process of launching my buisness in a big way. I will be starting collage at Montgomery after the summer of 2002. I will be taking all my core classes there then transfering to a better collage. I love: Romance, My jeep, Working on cars, Robotics, Audio/Video anything, Singing, And making people smile. Im 7th generation Texan', so as u can tell my familly is from Texas. I have one little sis her name is Heather she's my "baby sister" she is 13 about to be 14 in July. I have my "wonderful mother and her bowfriend. I dont know were my father is and don't really care. That's my familly.