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January 28, 2021
"I Love You."
the words hit me like a punch in the stomach. i was only 6 years old, but claire was the love of my life. and she told me she loved me. i grabbed her, kissed her right on the lips, and went back to my house. fast foward 20 years and i am a professional bodybuilder, stronger than anyone in america -- or the world, for that matter. i can lift 1,000 pounds over my head without breaking a sweat. i have 6 pack abs, perfect, and i can get any girl in the world - except for one: claire. claire is married to steve weinberg. he owns a bank and is rich, and claire married him for his money- but im determined to get her back. one day i am walking down the street when i see steve, and i punch him in the chest so hard he fucking dies. now the cops are after me, but i am able to get away, at least for now. the best part? claire inherited all his money. Cha-Ching. that night i blew out claire's pussy from fucking it with my dick so much. her pussy was swollen from getting pounded by my dick so hard, and claire was loving every minute of it. "i love you," she said smiling and i said it back. just then a burglar jumps threw the window, but i knock him out cold and call the cops. "this is the man who killed steve weinstein," i tell them, claire's pussy still red and puffy from getting fucked by me, and they lock him up and throw away the key. i am the greaestest bodybuilder in the world and noone can stop me