well, i finally did it. I won the freaking lottery. i run home with a crisp $1,000 dollars. wow, i won the lottery. the first thing I do? take out my beautiful wife to a beautiful steak dinner, and leave a big tip. next, I buy her a georgeous fur coat, with leopard skin just like she likes. finally, I buy the car of my dreams: a hot rod, hot and fresh and bright red-- when suddenly i realize i'm behind on the mortgage and they are going to take our house away if i don't pay in the next two days. but there's a problem: i already spent all the lottery money. suddenly i hatch a plan. i get a big gun and run to the nearest bank. "SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!! THIS IS A HOLD UP!!!!" everybody is scared. "your money is insured by the federal government, think about it bozo," i tell them all. i immediately shoot the beautiful teller in the fucking face, to make an example of her. "WHERE'S THE KEY!" i ask the manager-- he plays innocent so i shoot him point blank in the fucking head and tear the key off his chest. i head to the back, and walla....I grab ten crisp $100 bills and am on my merry way. thanks for playing, asshole. now everything is back to normal. i had some ups and downs, but in the end i ended up right where i started. it was a long journey, but i am happy, and i have a beautiful wife. sometimes, you just have to appreciate what you have, and thank god for every day. my wife is so sexy, and has huge tits and a big ass. in the end, i have a great life. and you know what? i wouldn't trade it for a nickel.