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Teenage Dream

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I Already Know You Are The Love Of My Life.

He was shocked when I said those words. It was our first date, but my big fat pussy was practically popping out of my pants.

"hello, that is very sweet of you" he said. we were at an expensive steak restaurant, and i ordered the most expensive thing on the menu. he ordered a bueautiful steak for himself, as well, and we ate every bite. i was a lady, but i still ate a lot.

my pussy had a sixth sense. it could sense energies and spirits. his spirit was strong, just like mine, but his energy was calm, whereas minme was energetic and bright. we shared a common ancestor, the Goddess Virulina, from the Xanarun galaxy. our true skin color was light blue, but we were both pink in 3 dimensions.

on earth, he was a fancy doctor, the head of surgery at the best hospital in the country. we went back to his mansion, with beautiful candles everywhere. the next thing i knew, i was smacking him across the face with by big pussy. by the end of the night, he was begging me to be his wife.

we were married in the spring, just as my pussy and Virulina intended. it was our mission to rescue humanity from environmental catastrophe and greed; but he didn't know it yet.

When finally, one day, I told him.

"but honey," he said, "D don't believe in God at all. I'm an athiest. I believe in science, the big bang, etc"

I Took one look at him and shoved my pussy in his face. We were at the dinner table, and i levitated above him, ripping off my pants and stuffing my pussy right in his face. "Do you see now?" i asked.

my pussy could sense fear. he was terrified of this new universe he was unaware of. he believed in only 3 dimensions, and had been tricked, like the rest of humanity, into believing we came from monkeys.

"sweetheart," he said, i have to get to bed. i have to get up early to perform surgery." my pussy grabbed him. it grew bigger with energy.

"Do you see now?"

"no," he said, "i have to get up early for work."

for a second, i thought my pussy had been wrong. but it wasn't. that night, i was impregnated by the God Rendu, from the Nobia galaxy, and will soon give birth to a son who will rescue humanity from sin. i was never meant to be with my husband forever, only until Rendu visited me. now, although i am physically with my husband, i am spiritually with Rendu, and we are simply using my husband for money while my son and I occupy 3 dimensions. before long, we will transcend this earth and return to Xanarun, just as Virulina intended.

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